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Are there any hidden costs in addition to the fees listed on your website?

Are there any hidden costs in addition to the fees listed on your website?

No. Unlike our competitors, we do not charge our clients any fees to overturn minor USPTO office actions. Minor office actions are issued by the USPTO when there is a minor error or issue with your application. See the question above for more information on what a minor office action is.

If you want your trademark to cover more than a single product or service, and those products or services fall into more than one class (for example, dog leashes and clothing), additional fees are required for each additional class. The USPTO charges a government filing fee of $350 per class. So, the more classes you include in your application, the more expensive it becomes.

In addition, if you are not using your brand in commerce for all of the goods or services listed on your application on the day we file, we will have to file under an intent-to-use basis, which means that if the USPTO approves your application for registration, you will incur an additional $100 government filing fee per-class plus a $250 legal fee for labor and processing near the end of the application process in order to complete registration. Note that if you are already using your brand name or logo in commerce when we wile your application, you will not have to pay this fee.

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