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The Madrid Protocol, an international treaty facilitated by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), revolutionizes the process of global trademark registration. This agreement empowers trademark owners from participating countries to pursue registration in any member nation. With 92 member countries as of October 14, 2013 (visit www.wipo.int/madrid/en/members for a comprehensive list), the Madrid Protocol offers a streamlined avenue for international trademark protection.

At Trademark Attorneys Los Angeles, our legal team possesses extensive expertise in navigating the intricacies of the Madrid Protocol. As a premier trademark and intellectual property firm, we prioritize the interests of our clients. For comprehensive insights into the Madrid Protocol or any trademark-related matters, reach out to our office via email or call us at 800-651-7301 to arrange a complimentary consultation.

Under the Madrid Protocol, trademark owners within member countries can initiate a single application, known as an “international application,” in either English or French to seek protection across participating nations. This application is filed through the domestic trademark office of the owner’s country, such as the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO) for U.S. applicants.


Understanding the Madrid Protocol Process


To file an international application via the USPTO, applicants must hold a pending U.S. application (referred to as a “base application”) or a U.S. registration (referred to as a “base registration”). The USPTO certifies the international application based on the information provided in the base application or registration before forwarding it to WIPO’s International Bureau (IB). The IB conducts its own review to ensure compliance with Madrid Protocol requirements.

Upon approval by the IB, the application is published in the WIPO Gazette of International Marks. Member countries designated in the application then conduct their own examinations. If the application meets their standards, trademark protection is granted. An international registration remains valid for 10 years from the registration date and may be renewed for additional 10-year periods.


Benefits of Madrid Protocol Filings


Opting for international trademark registrations through the Madrid Protocol system offers several advantages:

  • Significant cost savings on filing fees and attorney fees.
  • Reduced prosecution time with mandatory time limits for refusal.
  • Flexibility to designate new countries at any time.
  • Efficient record-keeping and compliance with renewal dates through centralized filings.

Consider the Madrid Protocol as your efficient one-stop solution for international trademark filings.


Ready to Expand Your Trademark Protection Internationally?


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